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Breakaway Moisturizing Conditioner / 32oz

Breakaway Moisturizing Conditioner / 32oz

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1 Liter / 32oz

100% Vegan

Great for all hair types, this daily conditioner will leave your hair fuller, shinier and more manageable. Made with natural botanical ingredients.

  • Restores natural pH balance to hair stressed by an active lifestyle
  • Seals in nutrients and proteins - diminished during rigorous exercise, particularly if outdoors
  • Keeps hair manageable for styling ease
    • Faster drying time
    • Everyday moisturizer for the hair
    • Helps detangle
  • Leaves a soft and really impacts the shine on hair
  • Perfect daily moisture for young girls with long hair
Key Ingredients
  • Wheat Protein - moisturizes, adds volume, conditions and strengthens, smooths hair’s cortex, and adds shine
  • Aloe : conditions the hair. Provides lightweight moisture to condition hair without excess weight
  • Jojoba and Almond Oil : conditions, softens and adds shine. Provides lightweight moisture to condition hair without excess weight
  • Vitamin A : an antioxidant, fights against dryness, heat and pollution
  • Vitamin E : an antioxidant with moisturizing properties, free — radical scavenger
  • Panthenol : penetrates the hair shaft, forms elastic film on the inside and outside of the shaft. Internally protects flexibility and elasticity from the inside. Adds luster and volume — up to 10%. Protects and repairs damaged hair. Natural hydrator or humectant
  • Golden Seal and Hops : adds body and structure to give hair lift
  • Henna : adds body and highlights without altering hair color
  • Calendula and Chamomile : soothe and normalize the scalp. Helps to hydrate the scalp and reduce flaking
  • Wild Cherry Bark : regulates sebum to help reduce hair loss
  • Allantoin : soothe and normalize the scalp. Help to hydrate the scalp and reduce flaking
  • Silicone : used to reduce scorching of the cortex, replenish moisture and improve shine
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