do. Freestyle Clarifying Shampoo / 2oz

do. Freestyle Clarifying Shampoo / 2oz

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100% Vegan

This 100% vegan clarifying shampoo removes chlorine residue and product buildup. Great to use prior to a chemical service or deep conditioning treatment. Won't fade color or relax curl.

  • Uses citrus fruit extracts and witch hazel to clarify
  • Swimmer’s best friend
  • Removes chlorine, mineral deposits and styling product build-up
  • Eliminates sebum build-up on the scalp attributed to athletic lifestyles
Key Ingredients
  • Panthenol - penetrates the hair shaft, forms elastic film on the inside and outside of the shaft. Internally protects flexibility and elasticity from the inside. Adds luster and volume - up to 10%. Protects and repairs damaged hair. Natural hydrator or humectant
  • Aloe - conditions the hair. Provides lightweight moisture to condition hair without excess weight
  • Grapefruit : rich in Vitamin A. Strengthens the hair cuticle. Helps to clarify hair and seal the cuticle
  • Lime : conditions the hair, maintains healthy hair growth
  • Orange : rich inVitamin C. Helps replenish the hair
  • Papaya : rich in Vitamin A and C. Conditions and softens the hair
  • Citric Acid : acts as chelating agent, binding to chlorine and iron (from hard water) and removing them from hair. Smooths hair surface by sealing the cuticle
  • Witch Hazel : helps to clarify excess sebum, hard water deposits, chlorine and styling product buildup from the hair. Helps balance oil and sweat production
  • Lemon Grass : effective treatment to help combat hair loss and oily hair, conditions the scalp
  • Bromelia : helps condition the hair

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